5 numbers you need for a successful home sale

Selling a home requires major organizational skills. On a random day, my husband tagged along with me and at the end of the day he said “busy day!” but it was just a normal day for me. I LOVE my Trello boards like no other and I do a pretty darn good job coordinating all the tasks I need to take care of when I’m preparing a home for sale. I wanted to share with you the 5 professionals you’ll need to call when you’re preparing your home for sale.

1. Painter

Don’t call your regular painter. When you paint your own house for your own enjoyment, you’ll want to hire someone who’s good at cutting edges. People tend to use more than 1 color in their homes and you’ll want to hire someone who handles this well.

However for a home sale, you should paint the house in a neutral color that’ll appeal to the masses. Your goal is to present the house in a fresh light so you won’t be using multiple colors, except for cabinets or baseboards. Who you need is someone who will be on time, all the time, and understands this. Painting is one of the first tasks so if your painter is late finishing the job, most other prep work will be delayed. Staying on time is extremely critical.

2. Stager

Often these professionals have a decorating background but you won’t want to hire your decorator for this job. A decorator should do a good job understanding your preferences and style. However staging isn’t about your preference but is about demonstrating different possibilities of how one could live in a particular space. A professional stager will understand what today’s buyers demographic is in that particular region and what they prefer. They should also understand how home buyers move through a house while home shopping and place furniture appropriately. A chair in a particular corner might be nice for you to curl up in with a book but it may block a view or a pathway for a potential buyer.

3. Landscaper

We all know curb appeal is important. However, even if you love your gardener, he might not be the right one to call. Your gardener might do a good job gingerly weeding your yard around your delicate plants. But for home sale, you need someone who understands how to tidy up the landscape in a very short period of time. You might want to add a deck (the ROI is huge on decks) or replace gravel with better looking stones. Like your painter, you need someone who’s good at getting the job done on time. It’s also important that they understand that they need to stay under the given budget and get good deals on materials for you.

4. Title Officer

Usually things are fine, but once in a while we discover problems with the deed that the owner isn’t aware of. Sometimes it’s a simple mixup and sometimes the mistake happened during the buying process when the current owner bought it but no one caught it at the time. Sometimes there are liens against the property and that’s bad. It’s important to work with a top notch title officer so you can catch any of these glitches early and fix them. If not, your close of escrow will get delayed till you fix the problem.

5. Real Estate Agent

A good real estate agent should have strong connections with all these professionals and be able to negotiate a good price for you. Personally, I have a few connections in each category and I’ll always compare the bids to get the best rate for my clients. I also manage all these tasks from start to finish. It’s important to set firm budgets and timelines in the beginning and have regular check-ins with them to stay on track. Home improvements have a tendency to get derailed easily and snowball into something bigger than originally planned and when you’re selling a home it’s critical to stay under budget to increase your return on investment.

Here you have it: 5 professionals you need to call when you’re preparing your house for sale. Or save the trouble and just call up your real estate agent and let her do all the work for you.

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