Beat the New Year's resolution-ers

Did you know that now is the perfect-est time to start those home-related projects that you've had sitting in the back of your mind? It's before the holiday craziness starts (unless you work in retail or e-commerce) and the real estate market slows way down after Halloween. People generally don't want to move during Thanksgiving and the holiday season. And if you work back about 30 days (typical escrow length), it's the end of October, exactly when the real estate market tends to slow down. That means any contractors or other professionals that help with real estate transactions will have a lighter schedule. You'll also beat all the New Year's resolution-ers.

Good projects to tackle this month include:

  • Refinancing your mortgage: Rates have started climbing

  • Landscape design: Not a good time for replanting but a good time to start the planning for spring

  • Interior painting: Might take a little longer to dry than summer months but the painters are finally available!

  • Resurfacing floors: Might take a little longer to dry than summer months

  • Electrical work: Are there any lights you've been meaning to install?

  • Declutter: My favorite!

  • Estate planning: I know many people put this one off

  • Re-evaluating your insurance policies: While you're signing up for your next year's benefits, you might want to go over your insurance policies

Do you need any referrals? Just hit reply and I'm happy to share my resource list!

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